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Walk 9  - Bredon Hill | Cotswold Walks

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Just over 5.5 miles, I wouldn't say this is a difficult walk, but it is a continuous uphill climb. after all the clue is in the title, you are going to the top of Bredon Hill. It takes about 2 hours 15 minutes with a quick breather at the top. Probably best to leave 2 hours 30 minutes if you want a good breather. The downhill section is slightly steeper than the uphill. I would say you need your dog on the lead for the first 20 minutes or so and the last 15 as the walk begins and ends on country lanes and there are sheep and lambs present at the outset. I was I have to say glad to walk the walk sans chien as I saw so much in the way of birds and butterflies without Monty who does tend to scatter both. If this is of no interest to you and the views are enough to float your boat, pas de probleme. Seems I swallowed a Fench dictionary in my sleep. My blog gives you a flavour of all there is to see on this most enjoyable walk which has moved to the top of my favourites list.

Overbury, Cotswolds, church

This is a snap of the very picturesque church at Overbury, a hop and a skip from Kemerton which is where I began my walk. To start the walk from my starting point head for St Benets Catholic Church, Kemerton GL20 7JE. You can park your car directly outsided the church.

1. With your back to the iron gate entrance to the church you will face a T junction, bear left down the lane along the pavement, Thornbury House over the road on your right. Dog on lead here.

2. In just under 1 kilometer you will reach Overbury village and the above scene. Look out for swifts nesting in the eaves of the pretty cottage opposite. Bear left past the church.

3. Just around the corner you will see the splendid Manor House. Follow lane around to the right past some quaint stone cottages to the end of the lane where you bear left.

4. Carry on up this lane until you reach a gap between the houses on your left. There is a cattle grid with a Private Road sign. Pass through here. You should see a sign asking you to be a responsible dog walker, please be that person; there are a lot of sheep here.

5. This is the start of the climb up to the top, and you pretty much just follow this path all the way up. About 2km into the walk I think you could let your dog off the lead as all the sheep appear to be at the bottom of the hill. (this may change as farmers do tend to move livestock around so please just be alert). There is also a stream at about this point trickling down into a wee pond which might be a nice pit stop for your doggie.

6. After a reasonably long steady climb you reach a house where the path bears around to the left and ahead you will reach Bredon Hill

7. You will see a small stone tower and if you follow the track to the right of it, it will take you to a flat stone on the ground which has a map of the 360 degree view you should currently be enjoying. You can if you like follow the low stone wall all the way around the top of the hill. I did not on this occasion. It's about 5 km to the top here from where you started. You could certainly enjoy a very lovely picnic up here on a nice day.

8. Head back over to the tower. With your back to the tower facing the stone wall + views, follow the path to the left which leads you to a gate . Through the gate + with the stone wall on your right follow the path heading downwards.

9. The path should take you down and away through meadows, wooded sections, some quite steep paths with more views to enjoy.

10. Part way down there is a gate in the fence on your left heading off through meadows. I am told this is an alternative route if you want to try a different way back that will take you back to the village. I carried on straight.

11. There are no choices until you reach a connecting lane towards the bottom of the descent where there is a barred gateway. I took the right option downwards, which I think is slightly longer than if you go straight over. Not much in it.

12. If you do go right the lane emerges in the village of Westmancote and almost straight away on your left you should see a signpost for Kemerton through meadows.

13. This path emerges between houses and directly opposite you should see a lane, follow this. Directly opposite this between a stone wall and a brick wall is another lane, cross a road and follow this.

14. At the end of this lane turn right and you should be able to see your car outside the church.


12. If you go straight at this point, follow a narrow path between hedges, which leads to a track on your right heading downhill onto Hill Road.

13. Carry on down Hill Road past pretty thatched cottages until you reach a crossroads. Take Wings Lane on your left, past a farm, turn right at the end and you should be back at the church where you parked the car.




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