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Walk 7 - Painswick Beacon | Cotswold Walks

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dog friendly

Just short of 5 miles and about 2 hours to complete, I would describe this as quite an easy, dog-friendly walk.


This walk is slightly longer than the first one and incorporates the Beacon which offers splendid views not to be missed. It has to be said it is always bracing up top being 283m above sea level, so layers are recommended. It is well worth a visit.

Painswick Beacon, Cotswolds dog walk, cockapoo

You can start this walk from the same car park as mentioned in Walk 5 but you would then have to walk back up through Painswick, turn left on the B4073 and, after Gyde House there is a turning on the right marked as “Walkers Car Park”. Whether you walk here or park here, the signpost is very hard to see. If you get as far as the Rococo Gardens turning you have gone too far.  After turning right a short climb up the road and you reach the car park on the left and it’s free! The instructions start from here.


1.   At the far end of the car park join the lane and bear left. Almost immediately there is a Cotswold Way signpost on the left. Take this.

2.   Immediately as you turn left a choice of left or right. Bear right still following the Cotswold Way.

3.   You are now entering the golf course and a disclaimer sign basically tells you if a ball hits you, tough luck. Continue to follow the Cotswold

     Way sign.

4.   There are various paths meandering their way through the rough and I don’t think it matters which you take at this point as you should

     eventually hit another fairway and greens whichever path you take.  Bear to the right of the fairway until the paths take you up and over a

     crest to the right. At this point you should see the beacon in the distance. You’re aiming for this.

5.   Once at the beacon, if you face Gloucester, which you can see in the distance, and look to your left and down, you are now aiming for the

     road you can see at the bottom. You are heading NNW from the Beacon. I took some small steps ahead of the beacon and to its left. The  

     paths tend to meander this way and that, but as long as you go right whenever you can and head towards the sound of the road you will

     end up at the right point.

6.   Once you reach the bottom and before you get to the road and/or the small layby on the left, you should take the narrow track on the

      right. Soon after joining the path you reach a fork; take the left fork that runs alongside the road.

7.   At the point the track meets the road, you should be able to see another track almost directly opposite. You must cross the road here; be

     careful it is quite a busy road.

8.  The track eventually meets a tarmacked lane where you want to bear left.

9.  At the bottom there are about 4/5 tracks + footpaths to choose from. Some are no entry. At the very bottom there is a signpost for

     Cherry Hill Cottage posting left and to the right of it is a footpath. Make your way down here.

10. The footpath takes you down to Spoonbridge Farm. It feels like you're walking through someone's front garden but this is a genuine

      footpath. You can see the footpath carry on straight ahead of you beyond the farmhouse so carry on past the house and upwards.

11. At the top of the footpath you emerge into fields with a left or right option. Take the left.

12. You walk through a couple of fields here. At one point the path splits - to the right a signpost says no right of way and to the left there is

      a clear yellow footpath sign. Follow this.

13.  The path bears left through a pretty archway of trees and into another field.

14.  Cross this field. You will eventually see barns ahead of you. Head to the right of the barns and in the far right hand corner of the field is

       a stile.Hop over this

15.  You will Join a lane where you bear left down the hill with the farm on your left.

16. It is down here on your left you will get the view of Holcombe House. Rather grand. Pass the house and on up towards Upper Holcombe

     Farm where the lane splits into 2. Bear right

17. As the lane turns to the right there is a signpost for Holcombe Folly. Follow this sign down the lane.

18. About 80 steps down this lane and opposite Holcombe Farm Stables there is a stile on the left with yellow footpath signs across a field.

      There were sheep here so dog went on lead. Hop over and follow the sign straight across the field.

19. Through a 2nd field and you should spy a gate in the distance with a stile halfway down the edge of the field ahead.

20. Over this stile and directly opposite another stile into a field. At this point you are joining the other Painswick walk at point 15.

21. Follow track along top edge of field. Stile in far corner, hop over and bear right. Follow hedge now on right to another stile.

22. Bear left up lane to a gate on the right. Through gate and down field. This was full of sheep 2nd walk but empty 1st.

23. Follow footpath signs, through next gate and next field.

24. Exit the field by Park Lodge and follow lane to the right around the lodge. Lane comes out amidst houses. If you parked in Painswick follow

     the directions as per the other Painswick Walk (from point 18).

25.To get back to the free Walkers Car Park, rather than following the footpath sign to the right, follow the road to the left and left again. You

     will reach a T junction which takes you back onto the B4073. Cross the road to use the pavement and follow the road up towards Rococo

    Gardens and you should see your right turn that takes you back to the car park you parked in.