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Walk 4 - Horsbere Brook | Cotswold Walks

1.7miles or 2.5 miles. 40 minutes or 1 hour. The former easy and flat, the latter easy but with a gradual climb involved.

The walk is located between the Sainsbury’s/C&G Roundabout and the A40 western end of the Golden Valley by-pass. Access is quite easy with a “works access” turn off and a large lay-by on the southbound side of the dual carriageway, or from the car park between the Premier Inn and Ten Pin Bowling via the footbridge over the dual carriageway from the northbound side. The postcode for the Ten Pin Bowling alley is GL4 3HR.


I have included this walk because:


a)It is easily accessible if you are local, it’s short, easy and dog-friendly

b)It gives you the feeling of being in the countryside bang in the middle of Gloucester

c)This is a site created to solve flooding issues, but has been done in a way to create a marvellous natural habitat for wildfowl, wild birds and other wildlife. Twitchers should come prepared with binoculars and/or cameras. Read the blog for further details.

d)After a number of stabs at this walk it is fast becoming my favourite local walk.


Either park in the layby or by the Premier Inn as described above. If the latter, the stairs to the footbridge are found if you take the footpath to the far end of the Premier Inn car park and turning right towards the bypass.


1.7 mile Walk:


1.You will see a gate with a signpost saying “Horsbere Brook Flood Storage Area”. Pass through gate and walk down track straight ahead.


2.Go through the small gate on the right that takes you past the reservoir on your right. Keep your eyes peeled for wildfowl. There is a warning here to keep your dog under control as birds may be nesting.


3.At the end of the reservoir go through small metal gate on left and follow track.


4.Through another gate, small stream on right and beyond that dual carriageway.


5.The track finally leads to a gate opening onto a lane with several footpath signs. Take the left up the lane marked as “Footpath Only”. You can carry straight up this lane towards the farm and follow the footpath sign on the left directly opposite the farm buildings and before Zoons Court which will take you straight back to the entrance to Horsbere.


6.Or you can make a slight detour  (I think the views are worth it). Halfway up the  lane there is a footpath sign on the right over the field alongside the sign for Zoons House.


7.The track takes you up and around the field. There is a gradual climb before walking back down the other side heading back towards the farm.


8.Take a left at the bottom of the track and follow the track around the farm which then rejoins the lane you left earlier.


9. Follow the footpath sign described above opposite the farm buildings. Follow this track back down towards the road. If you parked in the layby you may be able to see your car from here.



2.5 mile Walk:


At point 7 of the shorter walk, once you have climbed to the top of the field and walked around the back edge, you will come to a gap in the hedge. Walk through the gap and you will see 3 footpath signs. We have taken the path straight up and away from the field before. This takes you to the top of Chosen Hill, after a strenuous climb - not for the faint-hearted. There is a very pretty church at the top here - St Andrews and St Bartholomews which is well worth a visit. We have not yet taken the path to the right. For the purposes of this walk, you should turn left.


8. Once you have gone left there is a further left fork which takes you through an arch of trees.


9. After about 5 mins (0.3K) you will see a narrow footpath on the left. There was one that looked like an overgrown track before this one which you should ignore.


10. The path takes you down to the edge of a field. Follow the track around to the right until you reach a gate in the hedge. Enter the field and bear left.


11. Walk around the edge of the field until, halfway down you will come across a bridge through the hedge (you will not see it until you are upon it). Cross the bridge and bear right.


12. Walk the length of this field bearing left at the bottom. Ahead of you you will see a gap in the hedge - go through the gap, climb up the bank and cross diagonally left where you will see a gate in the fence.


13. Pass through the gate, bear left and follow track around edge of field which takes you to a gate that opens on to the track at the entrance of Horsbere Brook.



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