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Walk 2 - Apperley | Cotswolds Walks

This is an easy, 3.2 mile, flat walk that incorporates a stroll alongside the river Severn together with a pit-stop at Deerhurst where you get 2 Anglo-Saxon churches for the price of one,  Odda’s Chapel the oldest of the 2 having been built in 1056. The walk should take about 1 hour without stops.

Take the B4213 into Apperley and follow signposts to the Village Hall where you can park for free and from where the walk begins


1.Walk through gap in hedge where dog waste bin is and head for top right hand corner of field where there is a stile. Hop over stile and bear right.


2.This path joins a wider path with lovely views across fields. Bear left and follow path with hedge on your right.


3.You will come to 2 gates. I took both. The pathway straight ahead leads you across a field and to a stile in the left hand corner which takes you into another field, ending up where you want to be. However, the field contained cows, so I backtracked. Take the left gate and follow a mossed-over lane that is a no through road so no traffic. This takes you past the lovely Abbots Court Farm after which you turn right onto the road and then left to Odda’s Chapel. Either route gets you to the same spot.


4.Just beyond Odda’s Chapel take a footpath to the right – “Wildlife Sensitive Area”. Follow the footpath to the river’s edge.


5.Once at the river bear left following the river now on your right. You are now on the “Severn Way” and will pass through several gates before reaching a pond on your left.


6.OPTIONAL PITSTOP: If you wish to partake of a drink carry on along this path and over another stile which takes you into a large open field where you can see the Caravan park ahead and which is where the Coalhouse Inn is situated. You can then backtrack to carry on the walk. NB note the opening hours in the week are from 6.30; the pub is only open at lunchtime on the weekend.


7.If you do not wish to visit the Inn, carry on a short distance past the pond until the pathway splits into two. Take the left fork and almost immediately through a gate into a field. (There is a path that goes to the left around the pond’s edge – you do not want this path).


8.Cross the field to another gate which takes you out onto a quiet lane. Bear left.


9.A short way along the lane, past a Bridlepath signpost on the left, there is a footpath sign on the right. A bit of a climb up and over and somewhat overgrown, but passable. Follow the arrow that directs you slightly to the left. You will pass a stile that is marked private and straight ahead a gate with another footpath arrow. Go through.


10.Now simply follow the yellow footpath arrows, keeping pretty much straight all the way and ending up somewhat bizarrely walking through someone’s garden. Don’t be put off, the footpath sign clearly points the way through with gates at either end.


11.You will now enter a cul-de-sac. Go left at the bottom and then follow signposts back to the Village Hall where you parked up.

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