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Walk  14 - Nympsfield, Coaley Peak


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This is a circa 5 mile walk which should take around 2 – 2.5 hours. The footpaths are good and it is a relatively easy walk apart from a couple of steep, steady climbs. NB There are also several points where you need to cross busy roads.

I am giving you 3 starting points, all of which are referenced within the walk details; so you can start at any of them and pick up the instructions from whichever point you choose.

First of all Coaley Peak car park, postcode GL10 3TS. When I put this in my satnav she took me up the most horrendously steep, narrow lane with passing places all the way up, which I needed as I was confronted by several cars – it was very stressful and not to be repeated. Having checked the route upon my return I should have driven up Frocester Hill; a perfectly decent road that reaches the same point at the top. At the very top of Frocester Hill turn left along the B4066 and a short distance down this road you should see a brown signpost pointing left to Coaly Peak. The parking here is free and it is a large car park.

Alternatively, drive up Frocester Hill and at the top turn right. Past a signpost announcing Uley, the road descends and you should see a large layby on the right where you can park for free. This is what I did and there was room for circa 7 or 8 cars. Starting here makes the pub a good halfway stopping point. (Start point highlighted in blue)

Finally there is the pub car park in Nympsfield; The Rose & Crown, postcode GL10 3TU. I think probably only OK if you actually visit the pub at some point on your walk. (Start point highlighted in purple)

1.Standing in the car park facing the expanse of grass and amazing views, turn to your left following the top edge of the field, past numerous benches, with the hedgerow on your left until you reach a footpath in the far corner, leading away from the field through some trees. Follow this path and pass through 2 gates before a narrow path leads you up to the main road.

2.On the other side of the road is a footpath sign and a metal gate leading into a field. Take care crossing the road + follow the sign.

3.Through the gate and straight ahead along the side of the field with the hedgerow on your right. .

4.Over a stile and follow the footpath sign across the next field heading towards houses.

5.At the end of the field the path joins a road. Cross over onto pavement and bear left and then bear right. This is Nympsfield.

6.Just down here on the right is the Rose & Crown pub. I took a picture of opening times which is in the blog so if you time it right this might be a good place for a pit stop or, if you parked here, for end of walk vittles.

7.The road forks past the pub; follow the right hand fork until you reach a footpath sign on your right opposite the Village Hall. (This is the point I saw many House Martins nesting in eaves of houses).

8.The footpath takes you over a stone wall and into a field. Cross the field to another stile + another road - again quite busy.

9.Cross this road + directly opposite a footpath leads down and away to the right over another stone stile (the footpath sign had been knocked over when I did the walk).

10.This is a very narrow pathway – hopefully it will not become too overgrown in the summer. Step through a gateway and then begin a steep descent into woods.


11.Towards the bottom the path splits. Ignore the path descending steeply to your left, carrying on along the path that leads straight ahead with the fields on your left. (1)

12.The path ahead forks again with a narrow path to the left. Take the right hand wider path. (2)

13.Very soon thereafter there is another fork with a stile over a fence to your left taking you into a field. Take this option and walk along the top edge of the field with the wood to your right. (3)

14.Another stile takes you back into the woods. Cross over and straight ahead with the field on your left, following the bottom edge of the wood.

15.The path loops around until you reach another fork. Take the smaller left hand path that carries on hugging the edge of the field.

16.This path reaches a crossroads with a stile on the left leading away from the woods. Climb over the stile and follow the path.

17.The small path leading away from the stile emerges into a meadow; bear right following a trodden path through the field.

18.Another stile. Hop over and follow the arrow heading straight across the field toward a stone house in view

19.As you reach the house, just past its metal gate is a stile in the hedgerow. Climb over + bear immediately left joining the B4066 again.

20.Turn right walking up the pavement that is available to you at this point. Here comes a tricky bit. The pavement peters out slightly before you reach the footpath you want to take, so you have to walk along the road for the shortest distance. I therefore recommend staying on this side of the road so you are walking into the traffic. At the point you reach the first house, stop and on the opposite side of the road you will see a footpath sign leading away through the hedgerow. Cross here very carefully.

21.This is a steep climb! The path soon splits. Take the right hand option. You should pass a house ahead on your right.

22.Pass through a gate where the path forks again. Take the right hand path with another steep climb, but nearly there.

23.When you reach the top head towards the fence up ahead. Pass through the gate + bear right. This path leads to the layby where you can park as a starting point if you wish.

25.At the back of the layby is a gate saying welcome to Coaley Wood, pass through. There is a bench ahead of you with lovely views. Bear right, a few steps downhill and then a Cotswold Way path sign bearing right into the woods. Follow this sign.

26.Past impressive cavernous rocks, and through arches of trees, the path eventually declines steadily until it reaches a junction. Follow the Cotswold Way sign that heads right & through a gate.

27.Through the gate there is a path to the left; ignore this carrying on along the upper path.

28.Through another gateway where there are 3 choices. Take the right-hand option that leads up and away through the wood. Steep climb here.

29.The path eventually emerges onto the B4066 again. There is a kind of slip road which I would cross and walk down the grassy island between it and the main road, heading left.  You will then need to cross another road (which is Frocester Hill). Once across you should see a bench ahead and to the left is a footpath heading down and away from the B4066. Follow this path down some steps.

30.At the bottom , a footpath sign tells you to head in the direction of Coaley Peak. Follow this down stone steps alongside the road on the left and through another gate.

31.The path eventually reaches the viewpoint and gateway leading back to the nature reserve and Coaley Peak car park. Have a sit and enjoy the amazing views and give yourself a pat on the back.

dog friendly dog friendly Coaley Peak Nympsfield Wildlife Trust panoramic view

My walk actually started at the layby but I felt this would probably not be the most popular choice so I have juggled everything making the starting point for my walk instructions Coaley Peak. The picture above is a panoramic shot of the view from the top of Coaley Peak which hopefully goes some way to capture the beauty of this spot.