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Blog - Wainlodes 10.9.18

Well, it's been rather a long time since I have updated this site. This is not because I have stopped walking, but because I have been spending a lot of my time in 2 particular spots, namely Highnam Woods and Bredon Hill. I signed myself up to butterfly surveys in both locations, and it has taken up a lot of my spare time - in a most enjoyable way I might add. Add to that the intense heat of this summer which has sapped the energy out of most living things and that's the full extent of my excuses for not adding any new walks.


Apart from the Cormorant and a couple of buzzards, I did not see much in the way of birds on this visit. Whilst walking my winter square however I saw, among other things, a Reed Bunting and a flock of Shelduck sitting in the grass beneath giant pylons in a distant field.

This is a nice, short, easy stroll through fields, some wooded areas with some pretty views along the way and a very picturesque village green in the middle. There were still quite a few butterflies and dragonfiles about so I would imagine they would be quite prolific in the height of summer. I saw dozens of Speckled Woods, a handful of Red Admirals, 1 Small Copper and some Green -Veined Whites on the butterfly front, and some Common Darters and Hawkers galore, I believe Migrant and Southern Hawkers both present. Below are a handful of images.

cormorant Wainlode walk, Reed Bunting Wainlode walk, Shelduck

I decided to try this spot because I was allocated this location to carry out a winter square bird survey for the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) last winter and quite liked the surroundings, and because it has a rather lovely looking river-side pub. On both visits this week I have seen the same Cormorant on the same post in front of  the pub's riverside garden. (I actually thought it was a statue on the first occasion it was so still) so think it must be the pub mascot.

Wainlode walk, Norton, Green Veined White butterfly Wainlode, Norton walk, Speckled Wood Wainlode walk, Common Darter Wainlode walk, Small  butterfly Wainlode walk, Migrant Hawker

Next some of the views to be enjoyed along the way, including a rather grand looking property with the most handsome row of trees heralding its entrance onto the landscape; it is reminiscent to me of views I have retained in my minds-eye from days spent picking grapes around Bordeaux in the Gironde in France many moons ago; the colours of the many berries, red and black and the Eunonymus shrubs dotted here and there added such a vibrant splash of colour just as summer is leaving us; and as already mentioned. the very picturesque Bishops Norton village green.

Norton Court, Wainlode, Cotswolds walk redcurrants 2 Euonymus Red Cascade bramble view thatched cottage Norton, Cotswolds village green

This is a walk for one of those days when you would like to get out of the house, get some fresh air, not stretch yourself too much because actually the main goal is that table by the river, a long cold pint (or a nice pot of english tea) and chilling.