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Blog - Stanton Sat 30th July 2016

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Walk 3

This walk was suggested to me by a friend who wrote the instructions which my family and I, including Monty, followed resulting in this blog.

The walk follows part of the “Cotswold Way” which unsurprisingly crops up in other walks included within my repertoire.

The Cotswold Way Stanton

As mentioned within the walk instructions, the starting point is bang outside Stanway House and Fountain and you may wish to leave enough time to incorporate a visit to the gardens. We however made straight for the signpost opposite and began our short walk.

There is an initial gradual climb through fields and it is very much worth stopping and looking back over your shoulder. The view will not disappoint.

Cotswold Way Stanton walk, views

There were cows present in the fields, but were small in numbers and far enough away from the paths so as not to be of concern. After a short stoll through the country side you exit the fields and enter the stunningly beautiful Cotswold village of Stanton. A cluster of houses all uniformly built in beautiful honey-coloured stone with hollyhocks standing tall against the walls and house martins nesting in the eaves. They ducked and dived between the houses and I took a snap of a couple cosying up in their nest under the eaves.

Hollyhocks in Stanton village against Cotswold stone House Martins in Stanton village

We spent some time mooching around the village - took a walk up the hill to the right to sneak a peek at the pub - looked lovely but we didn't go in. We had to spend a little longer here than we might have due to the fact that there was a Pokemon "gym" present. No idea what this means......much excitement on the part of our daughter........................despair as her best Pokemon lost..................managed to recharge though and drop a lure. I am sure she was speaking English but I understood the chattering of the House Martins more than I did my daughter. Back to reality and our beautiful surroundings. We headed off on the second leg of the walk which is totally on tarmac and we did have to put Monty on a lead. For a small road there were quite a few cars and we had to stand back into the hedge somewhat to keep out of the way as there was nothing in the way of a verge.

I am tempted to revisit this walk and see if I can tweak it slightly to elongate and possibly avoid the tarmac. A pleasant short walk in a beautiful spot only spoilt somewhat for me by the fact that 50% of the stroll is on road, but that's just my hang-up....... watch this space.