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Blog - Cowley Blog 9.11.17

Walk 6

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Another beautiful, sunny, autumn day and another opportunity to revisit an old favourite. Some more changes since I last walked this one also.

trees November 2017 robin Cowley manor Nov 2017

If you enjoy spotting varieties of less common birds, this time of year offered plenty on this walk. I saw Redwings at just about every turn throughout the walk in reasonable numbers; I spotted 2 Green Woodpeckers flying just at the spot we saw Red Kites on one of our other outings. Hovering above a field at the top of the first big climb was a Kestrel who kept dipping down into the field below clearly looking for its lunch. And finally, last but not least as we were walking through the final field to rejoin the lane that meanders back to the car, I spotted a huge flock of birds in the trees in the distance. I managed a couple of shots before they took off into the sky and dropped into the nearby fields. There must have been 100 of them at least and on reviewing my pictures upon returning they confirmed that these were Fieldfare. These were the  best pictures I was able to take.

Kestrel fieldfare

Unfortunately, an over-zealous farmer has decided to make all of the stiles in and out of his fields animal-proof. A strange note attached to the first gate (which is the one you climb after visiting the Green Dragon) babbles on about alterations made to prevent lambs and dogs escaping. A fellow-walker has scrawled on the back of his note "NUTTER". So where our dog could previously hop through the bars of the fence whilst we hopped over the stile, the farmer has attached wire fencing over the gaps in the fence. Further along and on exiting the field he has erected a brand new fence which was too narrow for our dog to hop through. In both instances, we had to encourage him to jump up and over the stile with us. He managed these 2 but the last one in the next field was simply too high and we had to lift him over. We managed but if you do have a dog you probably need to bear this in mind. I had a cream jumper on before I lifted Monty........... The farmer's sheep looked rather unimpressed that we had dared to negotiate the new and improved fencing.

you looking at me

Oh and the walk was super muddy after the recent heavy rainfall!! Wellies definitely called for. Still a very enjoyable walk.