"A poor life this if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare" - William Henry Davies

ladeez of leizure - walking for pleasure





By ladeezofleisure, Aug 6 2017 05:19PM

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Aug 6 2017 05:34PM by Carole

Lovely way to spend an afternoon, as we are NT members were started at the cafe (no surprise there) and then back to the entrance to follow the very clear instructions. Although quite steep in places we managed whole walk quite easily, stopping to admire the amazing views as well as getting our breath back! Stopped for quite a while watching the swallows and whole walk took us two 'oldies' just over 2 hours.

Aug 6 2017 05:43PM by ladeezofleisure

That's great Carole, so pleased you enjoyed it. The swallows are simply lovely aren't they? Quite a show they put on.

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