"A poor life this if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare" - William Henry Davies

ladeez of leizure - walking for pleasure



The aim of this website is to list local walks in the Cotswolds which are easy to medium, wherever possible dog-friendly, circular, with if possible a country pub close to hand, that both locals and visitors of all age groups can enjoy.


I am a 60+ lady who, after 30+ years of gainful employment, in 2016 decided in her wisdom to take a gap year. My daughter was about to fly the nest and I needed to spend more quality time with her in that final important year leading up to university. Call it brave, call it foolhardy, but years have passed since my leap of faith, during which time my life has most definitely slowed down to a much less frightening pace and the time I spent with my daughter was invaluable.


Whilst taking my year-long deep breath, I decided to set my mind to something new before considering re-entering the world I had left behind. So I wrote a list of some of the things I enjoy doing among which were: walking, bird + butterfly watching, photography, writing. So what better way to spend my free time  than walking, taking photographs whilst walking and writing a diary about said walks. At the same time I hoped to be able to share some of the walks there are to be found in this beautiful part of England so that others could enjoy them too.


It is fair to say that I enjoyed my idea so much that my "gap year" turned into a more permanent affair with my time filled doing butterfly surveys, voluntary work for the RSPB, bird surveys for the BTO and continuing to maintain this site, adding new walks and revisiting old ones to plot any changes and report on any new findings.


So please take a look, have a read, and if you feel like it take a walk with me.


18.6.21 NB: Well that has been a strange 18 months. When I have been able I have got out and about, mostly close to my doorstep, so I have not been able to add to my website. I am also about to move just across the county line into Herfordshire, so it might open up a whole new set of possibilities. Watch this space.








Image Me & Mont in Daisies 2